About NJP

Northfielders for Justice in Palestine/Israel (NJP) is an ecumenical group of community members who organize local events to educate and advocate for justice and peace in Palestine/Israel.   In the past, NJP has hosted two Palestinian fairs, a dinner to benefit Bright Stars of Bethlehem, and various speakers including Dr. Mads Gilbert, Mr. Miko Peled.  For the past four summers, NJP has offered a summer film series.

Members of the core group for NJP are Melly & Souheil Ailabouni, Arlene Carroll, Graison Hensley Chapman, Darlene Cox, Soraya Dangor, Jenny Hartley, Ruth Hansen, Barbara & Jonathan Hill, Bill McGrath, Fred Rogers, Allison Schmitt, Ann Whelan and Mary Wood.

The Work of NJP Members:

To share why this issue is important to them, in 2010, four members of NJP made a presentation to the Northfield Area Interfaith Association.  Their stories can be found here.

On September 21, 2104, Allison Schmitt gave the talk “Let My People Go” to those gathered on Bridge Square, Northfield, to honor the International Day of peace.

This has been a rallying cry for people who seek peace and justice ever since it roused the ancient Hebrews to shake off the yoke of slavery in Egypt. For African slaves held in bondage in our country, it became a song that spoke of their yearning for freedom. The old spiritual became new during the Civil Rights Movement of the 20th century in the struggle for African-Americans to gain full human rights.

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